Friday, May 14, 2010

Audio Cassette Artwork

Check out this amazing artwork created using audio cassette tapes.
Click the link here
Audio Cassette Art

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Repair Audio Cassette Pressure Pad

Has the pressure pad fallen off of your audio cassette tape?

The fix is fairly simple but you should consider getting your cassette converted to digital format to preserve it for long term use.

One of the most common cassette tape failures that we have found is the pressure pad falling off. The glue that hold the felt pad onto the spring just dries out over time and then the slightest bump causes the pad to fall off. The easy fix is to carefully glue the pad back onto the spring with some type of super glue.

First find the cassette pressure pad that is typically loose just behind the tape in the housing.

Using a tweezers; pull a small loop of tape out of the shell so you can access the spring (typically a copper colored piece).

Apply a SMALL drop of super glue to the smooth side of the pressure pad (not the felt side).

Now without touching the tape, use the tweezers to place the pad back onto the center of the spring. Allow to dry per the instructions on your glue label keeping the tape loop pulled out until the glue is dry.

Now; have your cassette tape converted to digital format before it completely gives up the ghost. Let us know if we can help!

Fortress Audio

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Working on new sales campagin for End of August

Just started working on the End of Summer sales campaign scheduled for email distribution before Labor Day. I will post a link here when it is available. You may also contact us to get on the mail list.

A couple of sale items will be our 92 minute blank cassette tape and Pre-printed blank CD's. The cassettes are the same copy tapes that many of our church customers use for their audio ministry. As many of the churches convert to CD audio ministries, we are providing pre-printed CD's that give a very professional look and represents the church well.

I am not sure if you knew but we are trying to "go green" where ever possible so future sales will be announced via electronic means such as web and email.

Check our blog for the sales link in the next week. You may want to mark your calendar because the sale will be for a limited time. You can alway access our site to see the regular specials at

Audio Voice and Sound Production

Hey I just wanted to let you know about some of our capabilities.

We can produce your commercial sound or voice over audio. Just give us the details of your project and we do the rest. Sound bites are a great way to "Brand" your name or product. Whether it is audio files to promoto a product or service or you need to have a quality background for your telephone customers that are on hold; we can fill the need.

After you have approved the finished cut we provide the master in the format that best meets your requirements from WAV to Endless Loop Cassette tape, and everything in between.

Repair Audio Cassette Tape

Here is the easiest way to repair a cassette tape that will not run properly or is tight in the cassette shell. You simply need to take the tape spools (with the audio) from the old worn out shell and put the spools in a new shell.

If the cassette housing assembles with screws (typically 5 screws), you're in luck. If it's sealed, you're going to have to destroy the housing to get it apart. In either case you will need to have a new blank cassette in hand as you will simply be changing the housing or shell by putting the old tape in the new housing. Find a cassette that has a 5 screw housing or purchase a new tape to put your old tape into.

Remove the tape spools from the new housing and replace with the old tape spools (be sure to put the left one on the left and the right one on the right. Put the housing back together and you are good to go.

We recommend having the audio cassette converted to digital format if so it can be easily put onto a CD or mp3 player for long term archive purposes.

Let us know if we can help with the repair and conversion from cassette tape to digital format such as CD or mp3.

Fortress Audio